Current work

A sample of my current work.


Will my oil painting be an exact copy of the photo?2019-08-08T18:40:52+00:00

No, my style is not to produce a perfect photorealistic portrait. I paint in a loose contemporary style looking for colour opportunities that make the portrait pop.

What sort of photo’s are best?2019-08-08T18:41:48+00:00

Photo’s taken outside work best. The natural light brings out the colours of the pet’s coat and eyes. Photos taken near a window can work as well. See my blog for more helpful hints.

How many photos do I need?2019-08-08T18:42:27+00:00

I will mostly paint from one reference photo, but it is extremely useful to have a few more photos to refer to. My advice is to take as many photos as possible. Send your photos to me so we can discuss your requirements.

How important is the photo?2019-08-08T18:43:15+00:00

I will be using the photo as the basis of the painting, so it is very important. Try to get as many photos as possible. It can take time for your pet to strike the perfect pose, be prepared to be patient. See my blog for helpful advice on achieving some great photos.

Can I use my smartphone?2019-08-08T18:44:03+00:00

Sure, your phone is perfect as you usually have it with you. As long as the quality of the photo is good I will be able to use it.

I take pride in delivering unique and beautiful portraits